Brainchild of the '59 works' design team Multi Mount provides an entirely new way for you to mount cameras, lights and speakers to almost anything. Tested by our R+D team on Boosted, Hoyt and Evolve Electric Skateboards, Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche cars, Surfboards, Electric Scooters and more.

Capture a new perspective whilst cruising around, light up the night and listen to your favourite songs, all possible with our mounting systems. Store your equipment with ease, wall mounts for Skateboards, URB-E and more. Contact us today for more details. Patent pending technology, designed and made in the Americas.

Our production kit for Skateboards is available now exclusively through our distributors. Helmet clips for Ruroc and Thousand now in development and being tested as we speak. Check our Instagram feed for more details as it happens. 14 countries in Europe will soon have exclusive access to our products, distribution in the Americas right around the corner.